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Very Special And Differs Crystal Picture Frames

Years ago only conceived the glass in the decoration of interiors and accessories of the home like part of the windows or of the glassware, but with time the idea that the glass is a very fragile material and that is not practical beyond its basic uses has been changing and little by little we have been introducing the glass in our decoration. Here, we are committed to the inclusion of all kinds of materials in the decoration, all of which may be appropriate if you know how to introduce them! That’s why we want to give you some ideas so that you learn to include the crystal picture frames in the decoration of your house and that it is the crystal that protects your best memories.

Every day the glass is more present in our homes in tables, in lamps or vases, and even in cabinet doors or shower panels with lacquered glass! And is that the glass is a material that offers a great luminosity and creates light and refined, so that include decorative elements in this material, as glass frames for the photos, will offer us a feeling of greater breadth.

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Crystal Picture FramesSize: 880 x 906

The modern crystal picture frames are very special and differs from the rest of frames of different materials such as wood or aluminum, in addition to the material itself, in which the characteristics of the glass cause it to be seen through it. This assumes that if it is a tabletop glass frame, the flap that serves as a support will be visible through the frame. What can you do to solve it? You have several options so that the glass frames tab is not visible and your frame is perfect. We tell you!

An option to solve this small problem would be to select photographs that fit perfectly the dimensions of the glass frames and thus do not let the rear of the frames be seen. In this way, the frames are formed by two sheets of glass between which the selected photo is placed the same size as these sheets. In this option the glass frames are practically invisible since the photo is the main protagonist. Choose a nice photo and fill your living room! Are not you convinced the first choice? Try choosing glass frames that are thick, you will not need any extra support! These crystal picture frames style are kept on the table by themselves in vertical thanks to their thick base. This is a great option for rooms with small spaces that we want to decorate with our memories.