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Make Glass Drawer Knobs

Traditional cabinet doors are usually made of a solid wood sheet construction. While doing the perfect job to keep the contents of the cabinet they also contain hidden ones. If you’d rather have the content readily visible while continuing to keep them safe, you’ll need to change the solid wood glass drawer knobs. Changing existing doors is possible, but usually not worth the time and effort. Instead, you can create your own framed glass cabinet doors, dimensioned to fit your cabinets perfectly, with just a few necessary tools.


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Glass Drawer Knobs SetSize: 250 x 250

Glass Drawer Knobs RedSize: 570 x 428

Glass Drawer Knobs KitSize: 300 x 224

Empty all items from the cabinet to avoid damaging them under the glass drawer knobs replacement process. Remove the screws from the hinges holding the existing gaps in place with a star iron. Pull the doors from the front of the cabinet and then place them aside on a flat surface. Measure the dimensions of cabinet doors with a tape measure, taking both the length and width of the cabinet doors. Place the shelf on the saw rail, and then cut through the board with the saw blade. Cut two length boards for each cabinet door. Cut two width boards using the same cutting process for width measurement of the cabinet.

Create patch joints at the end of each of the cut boards with a router set to cut in the face of the board, half of the glass drawer knobs. Put a rail on top of the boards as a guide for the router, set the rail on the surface of the board distributed exactly measured width of the board, from the board’s end. This will give you a cut on the board that’s half board’s depth while the width of the other board adds to the cut. Brush yellow trunks over the edges with a brush.

Cut the width of a board on board over a length of board to create an overlap where the corners of the trail are 90 degrees. Repeat the process of the other three joints in the glass drawer knobs frame to create a frame that’s the same size as the original cabinet door. Place the Brad nails through the overlapping abutments to secure the frame as the glue dries. Replace a bit of the router with a rounded piece. Set the bit depth to about 1/4 inch and then drive the router over the edges on the front of the card to round them for a more attractive look.