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Gray Upholstered Bed: Perfect For Modern Decoration

Gray upholstered bed – Far from the idea that upholstered headboards are somewhat old and in disuse, we increasingly find these decorative pieces in modern bedrooms. The trick is to choose the fabric that corresponds to the style of the room, since a upholstered surface of these dimensions will mark the decoration of the rest of the space. Here are some new proposals, different ways to upholster a headboard. We start with the superior image, which has seemed an excellent idea: a upholstered panel serves as a separation to create another environment inside the room.  If you want to give a different touch and away from the classicism of upholstered headboards, choose a trend fabric, such as ethnic prints.

This is perfect to create a modern decoration adjusted to the global style that takes so much. The board of the headboard is slightly padded and with the fabric taut, without buttoning or tacks in sight. In addition, to achieve a modern effect, with simple and straight lines, the board should protrude a few inches from the width of the bed. Another very decorative option, especially in rooms with high ceilings, is to wall the wall. In fact, what are done are entelar one or two panels of a certain height, which may or may not pad. This idea can also be done with wallpaper.

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A classic that is constantly renewed: the headboard gray upholstered bed with tacks. A very simple model, that fits in all styles: rustic, classic, modern … It is usually used smooth and velvety fabrics, so that the line drawing of tacks acquire visual relief. For more classic tastes, the signature Harlequin proposes this headboard with central finish, which frames the bed and gives it a more regal appearance. It can be made with a DM board cut to size, padded and upholstery taut.

Occasionally, what is wanted is to give a touch of color and vividness in the decoration of the bedroom, especially when the background is a neutral and smooth color. This straight head has some height and only frames the bed, without protruding. Elegant composition of classic style in light tones, that mixes different papers and fabrics. The delicate print of the bed, with animal motifs, is mixed with special skill with a paper in gray and white tones of vegetal drawings, and which are repeated in cushions and bedspread. A checked gray upholstered bed color puts a point of contrast without altering the harmony of the composition.