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Hallway Light Fixtures Design

A hanging light is the perfect choice for hallway light fixtures, which provides a stream of light to cover the entire area. Hanging lamps come in all different styles and shapes, and can fit modern and traditional spaces and small and large halls. As well as added sculptural interest in a double-height entrance hall, hanging lights can also be used to create a path of light in a corridor.

Lighting an entrance hall

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An entrance hall is often one of the first places you see when you enter a property and it is important to make sure it is properly lit. Combine a hanging light with different lighting to create interesting pools of light around the space. If you have a hallway, use a small hallway light fixtures and if your hall is particularly long use wall lamps or hand two hanging lights in a row. Do not worry about seeing every corner lights; it is important to have contrasting areas of light and shadow.

Lighting a corridor hall

When you light a long, narrow space it is important to create a path of light and encourage movement through space. Hang an odd number of hanging lamps (three or five depending on the length of the corridor), periodically along the corridor hall for a traditional look. Make sure the pendants all hang with even height. For a modern approach hang an odd number of hanging hallway light fixtures in a similar style, randomly distributed along the corridor.

Hanging advice

To ensure ample space, make sure you leave at least 7 meters between the underside of the hanging and the ground. If hanging in a hall, center hanging lights to cheer up with my front door. If hanging in a corridor hall, center the first hanging in the middle of the ceiling and space any additional pendants evenly on either side. If you have a double height entrance hall, hang a hallway light fixtures from the upper level, so that it is visible from the ground floor. Hang a group of smaller pendant lamps together, at different height for a modern look.

Control brightness

A hallway light fixtures should provide the right amount of light, especially as if in a corridor hall, you can have more than one shuttle. Install a dimmer to adjust the brightness. Chandeliers are popular choices for entrances, so if your hanging light has more than one fixture, use light bulbs with lower watt to ensure that the light is not overwhelming.