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Limit An Outdoor Hanging String Lights

Modern hanging string lights for Christmas include smaller pears than their predecessors. And therefore, into a given area you can hang them with easy and fit more of them. The disadvantage is that they are connected in a continuous circuit. So if you go out, the whole string goes out Old-fashioned Christmas lights. On the other hand, are bigger and come with fewer per string. But if you go out, you do not really like it. Hanging string lights have a simplicity and elegance that makes them as attractive outside as they are indoors.

When the wind starts to blow, however, outdoor pendants can be a danger as they swing back and forth. The wind will also disturb their light. Making it difficult to enjoy dinner or other evening activities outdoors due to the changing lighting. A removable stiffening system will allow you to enjoy the elegant lighting of your hanging lights in almost any weather. Instructions to limit an outdoor hanging string lights: Drill four small holes through the lampshade evenly distributed around the light. The holes must be at least 2 inches from the bulb. Hold a string directly over one of the holes.

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So its end is even with the structure pendant light hanging from. Mark the spot where the string intersects the hole with a pen. Hold the end of the string to the point from which the hanging light is suspended. Extend the string straight along the ceiling, so it passes by one of the holes you drilled. Make a mark on the ceiling at the point where you have marked the string. Repeat for the other three holes. You should now have four holes, evenly distributed around the light. Drill eye hooks in the ceiling on the four points you have marked. If it is made of a material like cement that is difficult to drill in.

Attach stringed laces with epoxy or some other adhesive. Tie one end of a string around a small piece of dowel. Thread string through one of the holes, so the dive is inside. Tie the other end through rivets in front of it, so it’s a little slack and cut the string. Repeat for the other three strings. Tips & warnings: If you have a hanging string lights without ceiling structure over it, prepare it by tying the four strings to surrounding branches, walls and other structures. Installing snow chains Dukan attach the strings as needed.