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How To Install Faux Stone Wall Panels

Faux stone panels are a reasonable way to enhance the appearance of an interior or exterior wall with the appearance of different styles of stone and brick. Installing faux stone wall panels may seem like a scary project for them unprecedented to make their own home improvements, but the hardest task is to keep the panels adjusted. The most important steps are simply and installing faux stone panels is a great place to start for homeowners who wish to expand their doing it self-skills.

Soaring living rooms in modern houses are made for stone walls, especially when they have large fireplaces. But it can be difficult to manage the authentic stone building, not to mention expensive. Black faux stone wall panels lets you live your imagination and change your mind when you want a new look. Faux can be painted or glued. If you are not handy with brush paint or glue, hire an artist or experienced contractor.

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Faux Stone Wall PanelsSize: 800 x 600

These instructions to install black and brown faux stone wall panels. Use the grout gun applies industrial strength glue in a zigzag pattern to the back of the first faux stone panel. Set the faux stone panel in place against the wall and keep it level. Attach a screw in each corner of the panel using a drill or screw gun.  Repeat step 1 with the next black and brown faux stone wall panels. And slide it in place next to the previous panel so they are tight, because the panels expand and contract from changes in temperature. Repeat step 2 for this faux stone panel. Place the level at each end of the row and in the row after you double-check that the panels remained right during the installation.

Next steps to install new black and brown faux stone wall panels. Repeat step 1 through 4 install the next row in faux stone panels and each subsequent row. Lock the bottom of each panel in this row to the top of the panels in the previous row since this is the design of most faux stone panels. Caulk the lines between each faux stone panel. Some faux stone dealers offer caulking that not only responds to the panels, but looks like real grout. Keep the new black and brown faux stone wall panels level by drawing lines on the wall in pencil or chalk after the height of the first panel in each row. Use the tape measure and then measure and cut the panels depending on how much you need at the end of each row.