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Inground Pool Steps Ideas

Installing a pool in your garden can give you a place to relax after a long day and can increase the value of your home. However, many people find it hard to decide whether to place a screened box inground pool steps are worth the cost. Placing a screened drawer around your pool offers many advantages, such as adding your home value and keeping your pool free of unwanted junk.


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Place a screened drawer inground pool steps will keep children and pets from walking into your pool. According to Safe Kids USA, drowning is the second most common cause of death in children under 14 years of age. Home swimming pools are the most common place where children are drowning, and swimming pools in the friend’s yards are the second most common drowning site. Fences and sealed enclosures have been shown to decrease drowning. Most contractors will place door handles on made enclosures at the request of homeowner’s height, making it more difficult for children to come in. Shielded drawer doors can be equipped with lock for increased safety.


Controlled enclosures hold junk, sticks and leaves of your small inground pool steps, so you can clean it less often. Bugs such as mosquitoes, goats and knots will also be excluded from the post with a casing around your pool. Pool enclosures are made of aluminum, which is robust and maintenance-free. Placing a screened drawer around your pool will also filter some sunlight; prolong the life of your pool equipment and outdoor furniture.


Swimming pools with shielded enclosures use less energy than inground pool steps without screens. Annexes isolate pool water from temperature changes, which reduces heating costs. Pools with screens also experience less evaporation, which allows homeowners to place water less often than homeowners without screens around their pools. Shielded in pools raise the value of your home. Most made enclosures are covered by insurance in case of storm damage.

State Statutes

Many states where swimming pools are common in old-age homes require some kind of barrier to being placed around the pool for safety. In most states, the fence around the pools or shielded walls around the inground pool steps must have self-closing self-contained doors that are not less than 48 inches tall. Failure to comply with the statutes of your state-related pool barrier can lead to fines and penalties. Some states consider this crime to be an offense.