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Interior Wood Paneling Decor

Wooden panel installed in basement, kitchen and also living room. Some homeowners may consider the appearance of paneling outdated the vertical lines on the interior wood paneling can be a shame. Add texture to panels for an old-fashioned faux finish look. Create the appearance of stucco or plaster walls by covering panels with a hand toweled texture. Many houses have wooden panels on their walls. Although many people hold this kind of decorative function, some homeowners will change because wood panels appear to be outdated or sticky. If you consider considering this type of decoration project, you can choose from many different ways to cover the wood panels or find new ways to work with.

One of the easiest ways to change a dark wooden panel wall is to simply paint it. Use bright colors, such as tones of white or beige, to turn on a room immediately. If you have a more modern interior, paint it in gray or blue shade. Clean panels for painting. If it’s real wood material, instead of laminate, sand off for painting. If you see the tree, but yours is not the correct coordinating color, you can color it to make the darker shade of wood. Use in a child’s room to create a brightly colored wall.

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Instead of struggling with this decorative function, you can use it as your inner mouse. For example, if you have a room with white interior wood paneling, you can decorate the room with blue and white striped materials, lights and miniatures to create a Cape Cod theme. If you have 1970-inch wood panels, use modern furniture in bright tones, orange or green, and add time-consuming replicas and other accessories.

If you do not want to paint and do not want to work with panels, cover it with different types of materials. Some people lower the best interior wood paneling and cover it with the wallpaper. You can also cover it with big fabrics such as the silk or a large printed or hand-woven fabric. You can also hide wooden panels with oversized curtains.

Change a gray, cheap professional interior wood paneling wall to an elegant artwork by adding decorative elements to it. To add a single press, just add the list to the top and bottom of the walls. You can add complicated decorated hand like cutlery and rosettes to the corners of the room. Work with a wood shaker to make inlaid wooden vaults or add cutouts of squares to make a beaded panel.