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Black Tufted Bed Ideas

Black tufted bed classic headers are designs that fit with many bedroom styles including modern, traditional and shabby chic. Make your own tufted covered headboard in a few hours, even if you have minimal building, sewing or crafting skills. Select coordination buttons and upholstery fabric to cover a wooden panel that hangs on the wall behind your bed. Make a tufted covered headboard for any bed; they have the wooden board cut to size at the time of purchase to make this project even simpler.

Determine the dimensions of your tufted headboard by measuring the wall space behind your bed. Expand the dimensions of the headboard to cover the bedside tables for a more personalized look, or even with the outer edges of the bed. Determine the height based on personal preferences. Standard wide upholstery fabric is 54 inches; if the tufted head is more than 4 feet high, it will have a visible seam. Purchase a piece of plywood 1/2 inch thick that is slightly larger or equal to the dimensions of the general header. The Board has cut to size at the home improvement center or wood yard. Drill 1/4 inch holes through the plywood where you would like to make a plume. Cover each hole with a piece of tape on the back of the plywood.

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Tufted Bed Frame KingSize: 1000 x 1000

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Cut sections of 2-inch thick foam padding to fit one side of the plywood header. One of the easiest ways to cut through the upholstery foam is to use an electric knife. Place the cut wood on a flat surface, part of the adhesive tape facing down. Adhesive in spray to the wood. Press the foam on top of the wood. Allow the adhesive to dry. Cut the batting sections to fit the width of the headboard, plus 7 inches. Cut enough strips of wadding to cover the face of the headboard. Place the batting strips on a flat surface in horizontal rows with the longer edges touching. Adhesive spray on the face of the upholstery foam that covers the headboard. Center of the header, foam side down, in the batting.

Pull the excess batting over the edges of the headboard. Staple to the back of the headboard, from the center of each side to the outside. Cut a section of sufficient time for the cover of the face of the headboard, plus 8 inches of upholstery fabric. Lay the fabric upside down and center the header on the top. Thread an upholstery needle with the 2 feet of the upholstery thread. Fold and knot the thread, leaving a trail of 2 inches behind the knot.  Place a button on the needle and thread. Press and hold the button against the fabric.