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Optional Item Laundry Room Table

Any room in the house can become something special, be cozy and be up to date in decoration trends. If you are one of the lucky ones who have room to laundry room table wash and iron, do not decorate it as something unimportant, because it can have the same glamour and style as any place in the house. Use shelves or shelves to place all the washing products you use, preferably white or light colors. The furniture you use should also be clear to further illuminate the space and create a more spacious effect.

If you already have the shelves, you can add some accessories to them to create a more welcoming environment. Some laundry room ideas ikea could make a difference. If your laundry has windows, use them and decorate them with a translucent curtain that allows the entry of natural light. Another way to take advantage of the space is to place the large objects on the shelves and not on the floor. In this way, you can have laundry baskets, towels and other accessories neatly arranged without overloading the limited space available. Condition the clothesline properly with a front that integrates the washing machine, a sink and a furniture for washing products.

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Laundry Room Table SimpleSize: 1600 x 1200

If you can place the washer and dryer high, you will find it more convenient to use and underneath you can put some hopper ikea laundry room hack for dirty clothes and products. Always have the table and iron handy with a support on the wall. Look for decorative solutions that complete the room of the iron and that facilitate the task. Get an organizer for freshly ironed clean clothes, as well as perfumed water, sizing and other products needed for the iron. With modular storage systems, any wasted space of reduced dimensions becomes a corner in which to organize the clothes pending iron or some patch and accessories for the task.

Improvise a charming area with a laundry room layout that delimits the area reserved for the care of clothes. There should be a bar to hang freshly ironed clothes or some shelves and several grid drawers. To make the furniture more attractive, frame it with wallpaper or colored plastic paint. The neutral tones and the range of blues and greens convey a sensation of freshness and cleanliness. If you have a washer and dryer, you can install one over the other to take advantage of the vertical space. Also, if you want to include your ironing board, you can attach a drop down to the wall so you do not occupy space all the time.