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Tips Linen Closet Organization

Why are we on sale and it is a good time to get everything you have in the linen closet organization and check the sets of sheets and towels, sure you have some that gave you your grandmother who is more than amortized and never liked or your mother bought you a few sets of embroidered towels that you do not use either because they do not dry well, because friend, it’s time to discard or donate what you do not use well because it is not your style, or because they are very old. With two games for each bed, you have to spare, remove and put, that is, remove some and put others.

The quality depends on the weight of the towel, it is advisable that they are 500gr per square meter and that they are 100% cotton. If you buy some cheerful towels with strong colors, they will be more suffered, you will give a current touch and your bathroom will look like another. I recommend that you wash the sheets and towels before the first use and do not put softener since its raw material has softness by itself. Organize all linen closet organization ideas, reserve a shelf for sets of sheets, and two for towels. Adapt the folds of the sheets to the width of the shelf, and put the whole game together to make it easier to catch when you use them, and a trick.

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If you put the rounded part out, will be easier to catch. With towels, if you do not have room, you can place them on a roll, like in the spa, order them by size so they will occupy less and you will be able to remove them without they fall to the others. One of the elements of a linen closet organization decoration that very few can take advantage of is the doors, as long as they are not sliding. For women, we recommend hanging the bags on the inside of the cabinet door, either by nailing the hook, gluing it or leaving it resting on the top edge of the door itself.

We must put accessories that do not bulge too much since otherwise, it will touch the articles inside the bathroom linen closet organization when closing this one. Taking advantage of the door hangers, you can place a cork board and organize your earrings and pendants there with thumbtacks or needles. The ordering boxes besides being very economic allow us to store all type of articles in the bottom of our closet, making the most of its space.