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Charm Mid Century Modern Bench

Mid century modern bench is both decorative and practical. Many use it for example in the front yard or on the balcony, but it can also be used at the fireplace or in addition to existing garden furniture. The cutter garden bench is the epitome of modern retro. It is designed and available in oak, teak or black work. The nostalgic design with the clean lines fits perfectly into the modern decor, but also in the classic garden where clean lines and minimalist charm are desired. The bench works well as either a garden bench, entrance bench or as a storage space.  Whether you choose the garden bench in solid oak, teak or Blackwood, it’s both robust and durable. It can withstand year round, but if you want to maintain the warm colors, it requires regular care and protection.

The shrill design is exciting and challenging, and the purpose of the garden mid century modern bench was to fit into the elegant garden. However, the series has been further developed with a number of accessories, so you can use it both inside and out. The garden bench in the half way banana can accommodate 2 people. It measures 147 centimeters in width, 55 centimeters in depth and 78 centimeters in height. In both the seat and the back, teak lamellas are installed, which allow air to pass freely and water does not lie.

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For the garden bench you can buy a cushion if you want to increase the seating comfort. See the colors on the cushions at the dealer. If you have a small swimming pool in the garden or just a small favorite backyard that you would like to share with someone else, this garden bench is worth a consideration. The bench really consists of only two chairs that are put together, and in the middle there is a small table. This can be used appropriately to put on snacks and cold drinks, and in the pre-drilled hole there is an umbrella on the hot days.

Another mid century modern bench design is made of solid teak, which has once again received water-based oil. This makes the tree appear in a darker and more exclusive glow that fits perfectly into the rustically decorated garden. The garden bench has a width of 160 centimeters, and the two seats are easily tilted to fit a location around a bonfire or swimming pool, for example. The seats in the chairs are 50 x 50 centimeters.