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Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet In Creative Organizer

There are different alternatives when it comes to storing jewelry and jewelry, although the easiest option is to place them in a mirrored jewelry cabinet you can choose more creative options. Today we will give you some alternatives to save the jewels. In this case you will have to decorate a cork board with acrylic paint , the possibility of designs is infinite. If you want to look more uniform looking you can use some color templates. This panel can do it based on your needs and preferences. To paint it correctly you will have to use a foam brush, in this type of manuality the real brush will not be useful to you. Use some handmade acrylic paint.

The important thing is that it is well impregnated on the surface. The cork should have the particles as wide apart as possible. A very easy to create option in which you will only need a piece of mirrored jewelry cabinet drawer of a suitable size, slate paint and some ornamental knobs to drill the surface. All you have to do is give some layers of slate paint on the surface, letting it dry well between each of them, and then, helping you with a screwdriver, place the knobs to make sure they are firm. This is the easiest and most economical model to prepare. It is a rectangle of cardboard that you must paint in a tone that agreed , remember to give several layers of paint.

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Mirrored Jewelry CabinetSize: 1600 x 1600

Then, using a highlighter, draw some motif that is from your attack. Place a cardboard holder. If you want, you can do some small drilling so that hanging the earrings is a simpler task. If you have a lot of jewelry to keep you can use some old cabinet of spices that you have abandoned and paint it a tone that pleases you, in addition to add some hooks on the edges and the bottom so you can hang the smallest earrings. This modern mirrored jewelry cabinet can be hung or placed on a surface as a table or desk.

If you want to hang it place two hooks in its back to hang it easily. If you like old decor you can stack some cups to create an original organizer. The important thing is that each of the pieces that you are going to use is united by glue. The design is very easy. At the top you can place a nice cup so you have where to hang the earrings. An excellent vintage organizer!