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Computer Desk Armoire Style

An all-in-one computer workstation can solve the problem of space, and because the typical armoire is beautiful furniture, converting an armoire into a desktop computer is also an elegant solution. A computer desk armoire usually has a center shelf that is not removable and an upper and two lower shelves that are detachable and adjustable. This amount of space gives you plenty of space for a home office that you can close when not in use. Budget one afternoon for the conversion process.

Build computer desk armoire, pull up your desk chair to test the height of the midsole in the armoire. This shelf will keep the screen and speakers. It should be between 30 and 35 inches from the floor. Since this is usually a non-adjustable shelf, adjust the height of your chair for comfort. Laptops will place their laptop on this shelf. Use a hole saw to cut a 2-inch hole in the center shelf. When you connect the monitor to the computer and speakers, you will drive the wires through this hole. If you are using a laptop, the power cord wire comes through this hole. Use a hole saw to cut a 2-inch hole in the bottom of the armoire.

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Top Computer Desk ArmoireSize: 1034 x 1034

Attach a keyboard box to the middle shelf. A keyboard box holds a keyboard so it can slide out when needed, and slide under the shelf when not in use. Follow the instructions for mounting included with your keyboard box. Normally, it attaches to the underside of the shelf with two brackets and screws. Attach a message center to one of the best computer desk armoire doors. A message center is usually a combination cork board and either the board or dry erase board. This can be purchased at your local department store or office delivery store. They are also available online. Attached to one of the armoire doors, a messaging center makes it possible to take notes and notes hands. Attach it to the door with the supplied hardware, typically two screws.

Attach wall mounted file pockets to the other door. Install lighting. Attach a light on the underside of the top shelf. Alternatively, you can use a traditional lamp if you have room after installing your computer. Place additional storage devices in the stylish computer desk armoire. Both the upper and lower shelves can be used for storage, and typically storage cubes or baskets are used to keep things organized. Set up your computer in the armoire. On the midsole, place the screen, speaker and mouse. Laptops place the laptop on this shelf.