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Decoration Modern White Dresser

The combinations of this modern white dresser are endless. In the ideas, we see a piece of furniture that our client wants to incorporate in his dining room combining white with oak. But the combinations in the doors can be as many as reach our imagination, as well as their destination: halls, dormitories, etc. Even the legs can be varied according to the preference of the client. Having a chest of drawers or symphonic is the perfect solution to complement the capacity of cabinets or dressing rooms. Restoring and transforming old comfortably in modern comfits is a great success since this furniture is very versatile, that can decorate any corner of the house, whether the hall, the living room, the bedroom of the baby or your bedroom.

First, the chest of drawers must be thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth and a little neutral soap. In this second phase, there are several options to get to the most fun step, which is to paint your modern white dresser style. You can choose to give it a coat of sealer. This wonderful product will allow you after 4 or 6 hours of drying, paint the furniture without a problem and without a doubt if you will eventually emerge the varnish that did not. This is the least I like, since the product you have to put smells very strong, and you should use a mask, not to inhale the smell.

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I’m talking about the stripper, he stretches out a hand and let’s himself acts. When you see that it makes small bubbles you will know that the product to be acted on, then, only then, is when you can start to remove by means of a spatula or glass, the surplus of varnish and stripper. The aged finish that I provided, I did with fine-grained sandpaper, but you can use the coarse grain, you just have to be careful not to pass. The final step is to clean wooden modern white dresser with a brush, or with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the sanding, for further cleaning runs a damp cloth, almost dry, all over the surface.

And waxing. On the modern white dresser custom, you can put a transparent glass vase with seasonal flowers, a mirror with the exotic style silver frame accompanied by a medium-sized lamp, so that there is harmony between the elements. I would accompany him with a set of different frames between them as a collage, with photos or with funny and colored plates, a lamp of the most vintage and some other vase super modern, to give an eclectic style.