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Smart Motorized Skylight Shades Control

Motorized skylight shades – A skylight is a window or hollow with glass locate on the ceiling and sometimes on the walls of a room. Its main objective is to let the sunlight pass evenly and allow a pleasant atmosphere. Although they are not so common, the reality is that we are all attract to the beauty of natural light in our interiors, not the same a lugubrious and enclose space to a well-lit. Our activities within the home will be more easily perform in addition to having the benefits to our health from the physical. And psychological aspects that gives us the light of the sun.

In addition, the house will have a special design and distinguish with the presence of these hollows full of light. For all these reasons, in this book of ideas we have everything you need to know about motorized skylight shades, materials, designs, advantages. And also disadvantages for which values ​​if they are a good option to include them in your home.  If the area is extensive, consider a structure that provides the necessary support. And it is recommend that, if glass is to be use. The pieces are temper glass and not very large. Because the larger the dimension, the lower its strength.

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Depending on the size and material you choose the prices may vary. Currently prices range from 7,500 bolivars for the smallest of 20 x 20, to Bs. 22,000 for larger models of 60 x 60. The market offers several designs, the most common are squares. There are also various sizes, from the smallest 20 x 20, to much larger models like the 60 x 60. They can also vary depending on the operating system. That is, you can choose between fix  skylights that are operate manually or those that you can use with a remote automatic system.

Free space, fresh and full of light, thanks to the large windows surrounding the house. And the presence of clear ceilings in different sections of the project. In short, an excellent option as functional as aesthetic to illuminate any corner of your home. The structure of the motorized skylight shades consists of a base and a dome. The most common sockets are create from polyester resins reinforce with fiberglass. In addition, they have an inner thermal insulation based on polyurethane foam. For its part the dome is manufacture in cast methacrylate, also know as acrylic glass. It is always sought that in its external part offers impermeability and inside, polish finishes.