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Painting Narrow Bedside Table

Bedding is a staple in the bedroom decor. Whether you prefer a regular, stylish couple of narrow bedside table, or want to use them to keep books, alarm clocks, phones and table lamps, bedside tables add a finish to all bedrooms. You do not have to buy a pair of new tables to furnish; You can paint a couple of old to better coordination with design themes in the room, or if you want to make a dramatic change.


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Narrow Bedside Table OakSize: 1000 x 1000

Remove any hardware such as handles or knobs from the boards. Place a painter’s cloud or tarpaulin under one of the curved narrow bedside table. This protects the floor by absorbing any color spill. Smooth down some course or tile edges with 180-grit sandpaper. Clean the table to prepare it for priming. A basic cleaning spray, such as window sill, can remove dirt and debris from the table and create the right conditions for painting. Allow to dry before priming.

Pour a little primer into a color tray until the tray is approximately halfway full. Most narrow bedside table design is small in size and should only require less than 1/3 of a gallon each primer and paint. Primer prepares the surface of the table for painting and ensures a smooth, even surface. Use a small brush to reach some narrow spaces that the larger brush did not (for example, in intricate carving, or in the corner). Dip a brush into the primer and brush the primer over the top and all sides of the table.

Wait for the primer to dry completely before painting. This can take anywhere from half an hour to a half day; Refer to directions on the jar of primer to be sure, as this may vary from a brand of primer to the next. Rinse the paint bag and fill it to half with the desired color. Dip the brush in the paint and brush the paint over the top and all sides of the table.  Wait until the paint dries completely before following up with a second layer. This ensures proper coverage and creates an even, smoother appearance. This can take anywhere from half an hour to a half day; Refer to the instructions on can of color to be sure. Repeat the process on the second nightstand or tables. Replace the hardware.

Tips and warnings

To paint over darker or red-colored tables, select a gray-tinted primer. Dark and red shades can be harder to paint over and gray-tinted primer helps reduce the number of layers needed for proper coverage. If you take a break at any time during painting. Cover both paint and brush tightly with a plastic bag to keep the paint from drying up and scratching on the tray and brushing the brush. Rinse all painting supplies immediately after use if you plan to use them again.