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Narrow Chest Of Drawers Ideas

Bought or homemade clothing organizers and division lists make it easier to both wash laundry and find what you’re looking for in line to get dressed. Best yet, when your narrow chest of drawers looks so nice and organized you are less tempted to overcome it, and can be encouraged to reduce the mess.


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Determine what you will put in all your narrow chest of drawers based on their size and ease of use. The clothes that you reach at the most should be in the middle of the drawers that you can pull out easily. Heavier clothes like jeans and bulky shirts and shirts can go in the bottom box, which is often deeper. Price box organizers online and in local home merchandise stores. Although these are too expensive for your wallet, they can give you some ideas for the types of compartments and divisions that you may benefit from. Measure the depth and narrow chest of drawers with a tape measure. Note the measurements of each box.

Collect some empty shoots, flakes and sheets of cardboard. They should be clean and dry. Choose contact paper as coordinates with your bedroom decor, if you want. Make sure the shock cartons are short enough to fit in your underwear box and include one or more with contact paper – inside and out. Vinyl contact paper helps thin cardboard stand up to more daily wear. Cut down the flip flops with a knife to the height of your box and cover with contact paper to make your own stockings organizer. Use the sides and top of the box to cut more of these slim sleeves to hold folded or balled socks, tights and tights – the bottom of the box can serve as the bottom of the box.

Empty all your narrow chest of drawers and line each with contact paper. Place all your storage organizers and divisions in each box neatly. Fold all your clothes and place them neatly in all your department stores and storage organizers. Be sure to donate to charity every item you have not worn for a year and lay off off-season clothes for storage. If you are not special, you can use boxes and cardboard items as it is. Always put the clothes back in the same box after removing them from the laundry. For multiple shelves, hang three or four thin boxes in one block. Use a strip of chipboards and brackets to make an extra shelf in a wide drawer. You can also place divider in the box vertical register houses, books or other tall objects. The amount of weight your new shelves hold depends on the strength of your wall anchor. For maximum strength, fasten your drawer shelves directly into a stud.