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Locker Bedside Table Ideas

Locker bedside table – Design bedside tables can cost a fortune, even when they are small. These tables are very convenient, however, for the placement of a book, a glass of water or their shows. If you want a piece of bedroom furniture that will impress without spending a fortune. Then consider building a bedside table from a few easy to find pieces. Even if you can afford to spend the money on a pre made piece. And then building your own custom furniture will allow you to express who you are.

Doors are not the only thing you want secured with a lock; you probably have valuables and private items hidden in drawers and cabinets. Bedside tables are often filled with things you do not want found or used by other people in your home. Most of the time they were not equipped with a lock. You can install your own lockable locks to the door or the drawers of more tables with a few tools.

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How to install a lock on a locker bedside table. Measure the depth of the drawer or cabinet lip door and choose a tongue-and-groove lock for drawers and cabinet doors thick enough to accommodate depth. Fit the key into the lock and make the measurement tab of the distance between the center of the lock cylinder and the end of the plug. Choose a place and a place for the lock on the front panel of the door or drawer, mark it near the edge. The locking tab must extend beyond the edge of the panel and through the gap between the door or drawer and the body of the table. Mark where the center of the cylinder of the lock will rest.

Then to install a lock on a locker bedside table. Fit an electric drill with a drill blade of the same diameter as the lock cylinder. Position the center of the bit against the mark and drill a hole through the door panel or drawer. Fit the lock cylinder into the hole in the back of the panel. Then remove the drill bit from the electric drill and replace it with a Philips screwdriver. Screw the mounting screws through the support guides and into the back of the drawer panel. Close the door or drawer, insert the key into the lock and make the door pull the drawer gently to check the lock. Tips and warnings. Wear safety goggles when using power tools.