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Bamboo Wall Coverings Design

Bamboo wall coverings – Bamboo has been used to make furniture, carpets and buildings. It can also be used as a wall covering that comes in designs from light to dark and in different designs. On average, a bamboo wall covering is 1/16 inch thick, has a cotton mesh, making it easy to fall on a wall and bamboo ribs has 1/2 inch. Give your walls a new with bamboo can give your place a nice and good mood.

Make nice bamboo wall coverings. Measure the height and width of the wall covered with bamboo wall coverings. Multiply height and width together. These are surfaces of wall covering you will need to buy. Lay the wall covering on the floor, cotton back up, and puzzle together how they will be placed on the wall. You want to start in a corner of the wall and the end in a corner. Try to hold seams, or areas where two covers cover meet in discreet places such as doorways or window frames. Use a tape measure to ensure wall covering measurements are accurate. Draw lines with a carpenter pen where coatings must be cut to fit. Cut along the pencil lines with a saw so the pieces of wall cloth fit perfectly on the wall.

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Prime wall with wallpaper primer with rolls. This will seal gypsum. Allow to dry before proceeding. Apply wallpaper paste on the back of the first sheet of awesome bamboo wall coverings with a roller. Hold wall coverings on the wall in the starting corner. You need two people. Even exerting pressure starts at the top and moves down into a vertical pattern. Apply wallpaper clips to the back of the second piece. Line up on the wall that connects the first part. Apply vertically from top to bottom to attach the play to the wall. Continue with this with the remaining pieces until the wall is covered.

Bamboo wall coverings can add a natural look to your home interior. While plasterboard and plaster can work cold and sharp, the natural fibers and patterns in bamboo can contribute to a sense of warmth and comfort. Bamboo is also more durable than plasterboard. For some rooms, bamboo wall coverings are left unfinished or by using a light spot, it may be suitable to create a rustic look while in modern or formal spaces you can refine the bamboo coatings to the colors of your choice. Bamboo wall coverings that line the lower parts of the walls, usually the waist reaches high.