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Decorating Small Glass Vases

Small glass vases – Nowadays, the main goal of interior designers is to unify shapes and colors, looking for a domestic harmony in which small and distant decorations put an accent of distinction. Flowers, plants and bouquets are one of the keys in this type of home decor. But, like everything else, it can not be taken lightly, since it is not secondary ornamentation or of little importance. In fact, getting a bouquet of flowers harmonizes with the room, is only possible with a suitable container in which to expose the motif. Therefore, in this brief article we want to offer you some clues to know how to choose the perfect vase for a bouquet of flowers.

With these little tips, you can give your home that exotic touch you need, thanks to the right combination of flowers and small glass vases. Although the genera of flowers and plants of the plant kingdom are counted in millions, there are also numerous ornamental containers on which these gifts of nature rest. And is that there are so many types of vases, vases, glasses and other receptacles, it is very difficult to choose the most appropriate. What seems indisputable, is that these containers are responsible for part of the gallantry and beauty of flowers. Without an appropriate vase, the bouquets and bouquets may appear mediocrity or, at worst, a bad taste on the part of the host.

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Therefore, it is worth considering each of the attributes of the vases before designating the most appropriate. Vases abound in both colors and sizes, and of course, in materials and decorations. The design is another of the primordial facets, since a vessel with the inclined opening is not the same as another with a more closed funnel. Asserting the huge number of containers intended to contain bouquets, it is worth making some considerations before choosing one .

The best small glass vases has to adapt to the shape of the bouquet. Therefore, the design of the container will depend directly on the appearance of the flowers. That is, you never have to buy the vase before the flowers. It is necessary to know well the range of colors that gives off the bouquet of flowers, to discard the tonalities of the vase that could be off. Consider the predominant colors of the room where the vase and the bouquet will be placed. The container has to harmonize with both the flowers and the room. Knowing the approximate number or flowers that will make up the bouquet . Of the volume of this will depend the choice of the vase. Evaluate the height, length, width and size of stems and petals , since these measures will affect proportionally in the design of the vase.