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Wood Chaise Lounge: Good Rest And Comfort!

With spring approaching, it is time to think about how to take advantage of the sun and good weather in our gardens. The best way to start doing it is to consider what furniture we need to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. The garden chairs are one of those objects that we have to take into account, since they are always associated with the idea of ​​a good rest and comfort. And who does not want to spend a relaxed time reading, sunbathing or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature? In our book of ideas today, we propose different ideas wood chaise lounge to enrich your outdoor space with these furniture.

Historically related to rest, chaise longue types are also a possibility for our garden. Among the materials most used for this type of chairs are natural fibers such as rattan, bamboo or wicker, the latter being the most resistant to changes in climate because it is less delicate. Although these materials are very strong and perfect for outdoor spaces, it is advisable to keep them indoors after the summer is over. When choosing the chairs in the garden , wood seems to be one of the best options because it gives more warmth to the environment.

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Solid Teak Chaise LoungeSize: 1008 x 567

Refinish Chaise LoungeSize: 1280 x 960

Patio Chaise Lounge WhiteSize: 1000 x 1000

Barn Wood Chaise LoungeSize: 1024 x 768

You should be well advised if we decide on this material, in regard to your special care. Hardwoods and tropical woods are more resistant to weathering and require less attention compared to semi soft or soft woods, as they need special varnishes or protectors to prevent further damage from exposure to sun, rain or dew. If in our garden there is a pool or children playing around it, then the chairs with waterproof synthetic mats are more appropriate. They are easier when it comes to cleaning and sun-resistant.

Low-rise, these chairs invite a relaxing body massage. With lower platforms made of Japanese tatami wood and soft mattresses that imitate those of the futons of oriental origin, they accommodate the body because they allow a better position of our spine and vertebrae. Ideal for spaces more stripped or minimalist of few objects but with a lot of personality. Ideal to enjoy a long day around a pool, these movable chairs with casters give our garden a sophistication and exquisiteness worthy of the elegant five-star hotels. They combine perfectly with the wooden deck around the pool. And more than one, you will be imagining tasting a good wine in those little summer nights under a starry sky.