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Cute Ideas Novelty String Lights

Novelty string lights – Lighting outdoor events can be a challenge, especially on a small scale and with a limited budget. Tiki torches and citronella lights are more for atmosphere than actual lighting, but most electrical lighting is too hard. Using several small fixtures is a good way to go, and there is no better way to use more light bulbs than strict light. most common type of string lighting is Christmas lights. Most of us have a box or two of these in our hall closet or ceiling. Pack Christmas lights around trees and shrubs to give light from surroundings. Use carpets or small plywood sheets to cover extension cords to prevent accidents. String lights through a chain-link fence or up and over arbors and arches.

They can be fastened with small zip ties. Zip ties are small plastic bands sold in electrical department of hardware stores and home centers. Another type of common string lights is rope light. Available in a variety of colors, they can be found in many discount stores and home centers. Standing to end to end, rope light cast a smooth glow and works well as framing. Novelty string lights ideas around top edge of buffet or serve tables. They can tap into place, or use hook and loop tape to hold them in place. Tau lights can also be run along bottom edge of countertops to throw a glow below. Combine with clean clothes for a beautiful blurred glow.

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Novelty String LightsSize: 1000 x 1000

Diy Novelty String LightsSize: 1000 x 1000

String rope light along paths to light up road. Use cord tension plugs to keep lights in place. It also works well on edges of steps. Use rope light around inside of tent canopies and along top of fences and contours of garden structures like trellises. Drive them along bottom of stone benches and elsewhere as a subtle effect is required. Larger bright lights can be used as primary lighting in a variety of settings. They can be purchased from Target and paper and party supplies stores. Usually stressed in 10 foot lengths, these party lights can be tightly end to end.

Too big for countertops and other purposes, these pears are best hung overhead. light bulbs can be hung from almost any structure. Tie clothesline between trees, fences or shed and zip-tie string lights for clothesline. Cross these bulbs at top of gazebo and canopies, and drive them along fence tops. Be sure to use more than one multiple novelty string lights outlet. Add paper lanterns over every third or fourth bulb in string to add some color.