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Why Choose Outside Mount Blinds?

Among the options we have to sift the light from the windows and having already seen outside mount blinds and panels as two of the most aesthetic options, we dedicate today’s post to Venetian blinds, a fantastic and different option to cover the windows of the eyes of the exterior allowing at the same time the passage of light with a special charm. Let’s analyze their origin, advantages and disadvantages and what they provide as an alternative in the home. A venetian blind is a type of shutter made of aluminum, pvc or wood and formed by slats of greater or lesser thickness that are raised or lowered by strings and are folded or extended thanks to rods that act as guides.

Venetian blinds can thus vary their position to allow or not the passage of light and regulate their angle by means of a pvc handle, so that we can let more or less light pass when we have Venetian blind lowered. Although it seems a rhetorical question, the truth is that no. The word “blind” actually comes from Persian French , which means “Persian” or “inhabitant of Persia “, thus indicating its place of origin (until then its function was fulfilled by the shutters). The window outside mount blinds is known as such because the Persian route to Europe came through the port of Venice, and so it is there where it was presented, but in fact the patent was registered in London in 1769.

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Although most are known as horizontal slats, there are also vertical slats that work as a curtain. The slats are folded right or left to sift the light entrance and run to the sides when you want to leave the window completely open. In addition, there are also embedded along vertical profiles to avoid “dancing”, leaving the window hollows completely covered. Finally, there are those that allow their sliding from bottom to top up down or vice versa, which is very useful in terraces or low floors facing the street, to prevent passers-by (and us to see) without this is a reduction of light.

They are especially recommended in rooms where we want to control the entrance of the light or to regulate it for different reasons, for example in children’s rooms , to favor a more pleasant awakening of the children, or in halls , to avoid flashes without losing the use of the natural light. Outside mount blinds ideas adapt to almost any environment: you only have to choose them in wood for spaces warmer (like the environments of rustic style ) or in metals or plastics for those of contemporary style