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Installing Over The Door Pantry Rack

Over the door pantry rack – If you put shelves on the outside of a door, it seems that it can take up too much space, so it is possible to build shelves inside the door under certain circumstances. These shelves can also be installed in or near internal walkways, where useful space is limited.


How to Build Shelves inside a door

Plan over the door pantry rack. Choose a place for your shelves that are comfortable and easy to install. Installing shelves between the bars in the wall is recommended only for inner door with sheetrock covers. In addition, it will help to determine if your door controls are built at 16-inch centers or 24-inch centers. In addition, a good idea of ​​how your electrical wiring is running is important, because if you remove a part of the door board and discover electrical wiring, then it will be necessary to spend your time replacing that part of wallboards instead of building the shelves as originally intended.

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Look for the rules of over the door pantry rack. Once you have found the area for the shelves, you must find each stud, because you will place the shelves between the rules.  Cut sheetrock between the two lines. Take a jigsaw and start well within the space between the two bolts. First take the cut to the edge of each post 2 x 4. Then cut in a downward direction along each edge of two 2 x 4’s. Stay at a predetermined height, maybe 2 meters, and this will be the bottom edge of your shelf space. . Do the same in an upward direction to create the upper limit of your shelf space. Six feet can be a good place to finish the shelves.

Over the door pantry rack is assemble the sides and backing up of the shelves. This piece is preassembled and then slid into place. When assembled, it will either be nailed or screwed. The backside should be a sheet of 3/8 inch (or ½ inch) plywood, while the pages will simply consist of a 1 x 4 bit wood. Cut the plywood to the exact size of the opening. (In this case the height is 4 meters, and if your house has a regular wall frame 24 “on the center, then the opening should be 22½ inches, but it is best to measure with a tape measure to be sure of the actual width. Cut two pieces 1 X 4 to width and attach plywood to the edge of these pieces with some flathead wood screw.