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Simple Own Clay Chimney Pots

Clay chimney pots – Cooking on firewood is an art in itself, unlike cooking with other conventional methods or ovens. Starting with the energy savings of cooking in wood. As opposed to the use of gas or electricity, the wood also gives a unique flavor to the food. In this Book of Ideas, to take advantage of the free time that this summer gives. We are going to teach you to build your own wood oven at home. We hope you like it and inspire them to start as soon as possible the construction of an oven that will last a lifetime. And give better use to the unoccupied spaces of your home, as well as give it a lot of style and turn your patios into social spaces Perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Do not forget that for all your projects you can count on the help of our experts. The functionality of the environment in which we build our furnace is very important, so we must choose carefully. Of course, the clay chimney pots outside is the best space. Of course, the materials we are going to choose for the furnace should be fire and heat resistant in general. Depending on the size we want, we have to calculate well the quantities of materials we are going to use.

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Dragon Clay Chimney PotsSize: 1200 x 1200

Clay Chimney PotsSize: 1024 x 709

Clay Chimney Pots TypeSize: 1024 x 700

Clay Chimney Pots TwoSize: 933 x 697

Clay Chimney Pots SmallSize: 1000 x 1000

Clay Chimney Pots RoofSize: 1062 x 798

Clay Chimney Pots PlacedSize: 1200 x 941

Clay Chimney Pots OldSize: 800 x 800

Clay Chimney Pots HouseSize: 1062 x 798

Clay Chimney Pots HomeSize: 1200 x 1615

Clay Chimney Pots GardenSize: 1122 x 1496

Clay Chimney Pots DesignSize: 1000 x 750

Clay Chimney Pots CostSize: 1024 x 700

Clay Chimney Pots ColorSize: 1000 x 1339

Clay Chimney Pots CapSize: 1200 x 1200

Do not forget, when making a budget; include the cost of your maintenance. In your design, let’s take into account the spaces that we will need for the wood deposit or its cover, if we want to make one.  The surface where we are going to build must be flat and well sign, to ensure a good job. The base can be made with brick or concrete. The recommended measures for this type of construction are generally 1.50 mt wide by 1.7 deep and 1.20 high, to guarantee comfort when using it.

The oven hole is the most important point. It should not be too large, or the oven can cool. But it should still be large enough for the fire to air and lift properly. This clay chimney pots space also needs a base of its own. It can be made with wood molds that help shape the dome. Do not forget to create a conduit to the bottom of the dome that serves to get the smoke out. Then, build the outer wall around the furnace, filling the spaces with earth. And a concrete mole, being careful not to cover the conduit through which the smoke.