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Rustic Barn Ideas For Antique Pantry Door

Antique Pantry Door – Sliding doors in the kitchen or pantry are a great invention. They serve to store, to separate environments. And also to delimit areas and also to hide clutter and spaces. That are usually more scrambled, such as the laundry area. If in addition to the practical side of installing sliding doors, we take into account the design. The option of some beautiful barn doors will look great. Let’s see a few ideas, and then, each one that suits your style and space.

If we have a pantry with white furniture, a little break the design with a door of this type in green, can be phenomenal. Counterpoints are almost always welcome in decorations. If, in addition, then we support the color with brushstrokes of green in different elements, such as small pots, herbs, some food. The result will be fantastic. This sliding white antique pantry door with crossed slats is the typical one we imagine, right? The truth is that this style looks great whether your kitchen is modern, whether you have opted for a rustic line or if, in your case, you have a classic kitchen. Behind it we can keep many things that will be hidden as soon as we close it.

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The double sliding doors give greater amplitude and are perfect to separate spaces when necessary, or to leave them diaphanous with sufficient opening. Ideal in white and more if made with recycled wood. United but independent, that’s the idea. It works with the same idea as an antique pantry door, but it is smaller. The size of a window is perfect. It brings a touch of design to the space and becomes the protagonist of the kitchen as an original element. In addition, if we use the option of the blackboard, in addition to decorative, it is practical. Pretty, right?

If we want a kitchen that is really integrated, a good option for our pantry sliding door. Could be to make it run through a structure that is not visible. Now the mechanisms are in sight, but for a more sophisticated look, it is phenomenal with the wheels hidden. Ideal for hiding shelves. They are ideal for separating environments, but where we really can take advantage of them, is to hide a small pantry. Instead of normal doors, the slider does not occupy an opening space, it is fully integrated and also adds personality to the kitchen design.

All are different ideas, but the truth is that they are all designed on the same basis: decorate with different elements that bring originality to space, but also, make us life easier, useful. The barn sliding doors for an antique pantry door do it … Do not you agree?