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How To Paint Pantry Cupboards

Pantry cupboards – This hard working kitchen pantry cupboards area is easy to take for granted. Sorting and cleaning are included in regular pantry maintenance, which should also include a new stock color when needed. Learning to paint pantry cupboards will teach you a system that you can use for other types of cupboardss and cupboards as well.

Prepare to paint pantry cupboards. Remove the door or doors in your cupboards with the screwdriver. Set the hardware aside and clean old color if necessary. Set the door aside and plan to paint the last one. Put on work clothes, gloves and glasses if you do not already have. You may want to cover your hair and use a disposable mask too, if sensitive to paint smoke. Painting a cupboard may not be a big job but requires that you put your face close to the project to see what you do from different angles. Wipe all cupboards surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap. Pantries accumulate an assortment of sticky or oily stains, although they are hard to see. Rinse and let the surfaces dry thoroughly. Sand all surfaces easily, to improve color compliance.

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How to paint pantry cupboards. Start painting the covers of the back of the inside wall and then side the inside walls of the cupboards. Use either your 2-inch brush or mini-roller for this part of the job, depending on the size of the cupboards. Paint the ceiling and then the undersides of all the shelves. Some painters prefer to work from top to bottom, other bottom-up. Paint the floor in the cupboards and the top sides of all the shelves. Again, do this top-down or bottom-up.

Allow the inside of the cupboards to dry for at least 12 hours – preferably overnight. If you paint in damp weather or your kitchen tends to be moist, allow 24 to 48 hours of drying time. Gently slide, and then paint the cupboards door, from the inside out. Allow it to dry properly, up to 24 hours. If it is part of your interior system, paint the front cupboards facing as you will attach the door. Clean old-color door fittings or other defects or replace with new hardware. Attach the door to the pantry cupboards. As with any painting project, make sure your workplace is well ventilated. If painting the inside of the cupboards one color and the outside another, give plenty of drying time so that the colors are not mixed with each other at the edges.