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Installing Pantry Hutch

Pantry hutch is both useful and a pleasure to look at every time you enters it. Glass canisters keep your dry goods from going unkind and lets you see what you have and how much in a moment. Including a practical notice board on the back of the door is a creative touch.


Remove the supply door and any existing shelves. Clean the inside of the pantry hutch with a cleaning solution and sponge. Remove any dried food or other matter. If you are going to install new shelves, remove all shelf hardware from inside the pantry and fill the holes. Paint the inside of the pantry. Primary colors are popular for country’s pantry, as well as shades popular in the middle of the century, including pink and turquoise.

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Pantry Hutch WhiteSize: 688 x 1000

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Pantry Hutch CustomSize: 496 x 500

Pantry Hutch ConceptSize: 650 x 650

Pantry Hutch ClassicSize: 160 x 202

Pantry Hutch BrownSize: 550 x 550

Pantry Hutch BlueSize: 800 x 542

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Pantry Hutch AcceptionSize: 1000 x 952

Pantry Hutch BlackSize: 1000 x 1000

Map out on paper how to shelf your pantry hutch. If the shelves you already have are sufficient, paint them to prepare them for reinstallation. If you need new shelves, install console rails inside the pantry. The rails must be installed in wall rails, as they will carry a lot of weight. Paint the rails and brackets so they will melt into the wall. Cut 2×8 shelves from the pine. Sand these with a palm grinder and paint or bet as desired. Let dry.

Dispose of all obsolete or non-food items. The purchasing canning industry cans in different sizes to fit your shelves. Store dry goods in these cans, label each. Buy label stickers or use a label maker to make the labels. Paint the inside of the supply door with the paint board color. This will give you a permanent place to keep a shopping list or a current list of what you have in your pantry. A weapon of magnetic color under the paint board is another useful idea, allowing you to attach notes and recipes to the doorstep with magnets.

Replace the supply door and shelves. Place your food back on the shelves. Arrange the shelves so that the objects you use most are at your eye level. Arrange glass containers of dry goods so their labels face out. Put baskets on lower shelves to keep onions and potatoes. Baskets can also be used to hold strangely shaped items, such as bags of pasta or chips. Installing a new shelf in your pantry hutch provides always-useful extra storage space and is a simple project to complete. The procedure can be adapted to multiple shelves and fully wrapped shelves by repeating the steps for each section of shelves added.