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Pantry Liner Ideas

Pantry liner – From utilitarian rubber liners to colorful sticker shelf papers, shelf liners can be used to help keep kitchen shutters, drawers and pantries looking nice and organized. Use the same self-adhesive paper to put color and patterns to show pieces like a porcelain rabbit cage and give the cage a living makeover without a complete restoration.

Decorate Doors

Over time, the surface of your pantry liner can be tiled or begin to lose its luster. Turn solid Hutch doors into colorful screens through the addition of patterned contact paper directly to the doors. Patterned floral paper is well suited for country’s chic patterns, while striped paper creates a modern feel. Keep the look monochromatic by selecting ton-in-ton patterns. Use the shelf liner to frame the glass front doors, creating a frame for viewing the goods held within the cage.

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Pantry Liner WoodSize: 551 x 1000

Pantry Liner WireSize: 540 x 811

Pantry Liner WideSize: 736 x 413

Pantry Liner WhiteSize: 209 x 297

Pantry Liner VintageSize: 1024 x 950

Pantry Liner SmallSize: 478 x 640

Pantry Liner SimpleSize: 700 x 467

Pantry Liner ShelvingSize: 612 x 777

Pantry Liner SetSize: 736 x 981

Pantry Liner ReviewSize: 480 x 576

Pantry Liner PlanSize: 564 x 752

Pantry Liner PartSize: 288 x 216

Pantry Liner OrganizeSize: 300 x 226

Pantry Liner NiceSize: 225 x 300

Pantry Liner ModernSize: 480 x 663

Pantry Liner LargeSize: 736 x 552

Pantry Liner ImageSize: 497 x 700

Pantry Liner HeightSize: 480 x 640

Pantry Liner EasySize: 1024 x 682

Pantry Liner DrawerSize: 900 x 900

Pantry Liner DoorSize: 600 x 800

Pantry Liner DIYSize: 500 x 750

Pantry Liner DesignSize: 640 x 903

Pantry Liner ConceptSize: 585 x 800

Pantry Liner CollageSize: 288 x 216

Line Back and Shelves

Pantry liner with patterned paper. Line the back of the cage with shelf paper to help all your goods stand out. Folding the shelves or lining on the back of the cage helps pull the eye from the other side of the room. Think of the shelf paper like Hutch’s outfit, while its contents are the accessories. Patterns with a dark background provide a complementary contrast for porcelain patterns that are mostly white or bone colored. Choose paper a shade or two darker than the room to give the cage the appearance of a built-in cabinet. White contact paper works well to give the play a bright, fresh finish.

Blackboard Paper

Blackboard magazines add a funny touch. Add the board of paper to any solid surface, such as a fixed door or side of the cabinet, to transform the cage into a family message station. Use the board to keep track of messages, view your nightly menu or even record a shopping list. The biggest challenge when applying adhesive pantry liner keeps the surface smooth and free of air bubbles. Align the shelf liner with the back of the shelf, or the top edge of a door or back of a cabinet. Press the paper flat with your hands, leveling any air bubbles to the edges of paper. Slowly pull back a few inches at a time. Continue to level the paper as you go, eliminate air bubbles. Consider working with a partner, using a person to remove the back piece and another person to level the surface. DIY blogger, Lost Housewife, proposes cutting paper with a rotary knife on a cutting board for sharp and even lines.