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Making Paper Lamp Shades

Paper lamp shades – Lamp is an ornament that can beautify the room or give a special shade to the outdoor event. In addition, the lantern is also quite easy to make! Use other colored paper if you want to be creative. Just be sure to choose a paper that is not too thick so that the light rays can pass through. The thinner the paper gets better.

Fold the paper vertically as a fan. Imagine this step as folded back and forth. When you create new folders, the remaining unfolded paper lies in front or behind the folded section. The more you are careful about making the folds, the more successful the lanterns succeed. You can try folding the paper in different widths to find the one you like most.

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Combine the folded edge of the paper to form a circle. Combine the tip of the paper by applying glue or attaching the masking tape to the last fold of the paper, and then attach the other end of the paper to it. You can also fasten the tape back and forth on both sides of the paper, so when it is placed, the result will be stronger. Be sure to press both sides of the paper for a few moments to make sure it is sealed properly.

Make 2 pieces thicker paper as base paper lamp shades hood. The size of the two pieces of the circle must be the same. To find out the circle size, place the lane on the paper you plan to use and trace the shape slowly. Cut a circle to follow the inside of the line you draw. Thus, the lid cover and the base do not cover its size. Make sure you use paper that is strong enough to support the electronic candle and the light itself.

Glue the bottom and the paper lamp shades body. In this step you can use glue or mesh or a combination of both to make the result stronger. If the glue you have is strong enough to hold the bottom and the light body, consider using a glue gun. Just be careful not to get hurt. Place the holes so that they are directly opposite each other so that the lanterns can hang in line. Put the rope from the inside of the lamps and make a knot on the outside of the hole. Do not let the lid cover easily lift, but do not glue it permanently as this is your only access to candles.