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Installing Copper Drawer Pulls

Copper drawer pulls – If you are installing new doors and drawer fronts or replacing your kitchens, it is important to place the strips properly. The position of the handles or knobs adds to the aesthetics of the cabinet and allows you to easily open the doors and drawers. Attach the tape to a suitable height and provide the greatest leverage when opening doors and drawers. Once you have decided to place the knobs or handles use a pattern to repeat the exact placement on the entire system. Place a plastic template in the corner of a cabinet door. Select the holes that correspond to the present position. Glue a strip of ribbon to the remaining holes of the puncture protection mask by mistake in the wrong place.

Mark the center of all drawers with an erasable marker and a carpenter location with one central attraction. Place small copper drawer pulls on a drawer and mark the top edge of the stencil with your line mark. Choose the correct hole or holes for the knob or handle. Hide remaining holes. When pulling larger drawers on both sides, use a separate door stencil template. Choose the correct hole position and mask the rest. Place the stencil on the door or drawer. Mark the outline of the hole with a pointed pencil. Remove the pattern and press the point one stroke into the center of the circle to act as the driver of the drill. Tighten a strip of wood inside the door or drawer, where the hole position is perforated. This prevents the drill from bursting inside as it enters the door.

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Installing new copper drawer pulls, select a drill bit 1/64 inch larger than the diameter of the hardware screws. Drill the holes with a battery drill with the score of the pilot left by the shot as a guide. Keep the drill at 90 degrees to the surface when you do this. After drilling, remove the jaws and the piece of wood. Slip a washer onto the hardware screw. Insert the screw through the hole from the inside. Hold the head of the screw bezel with a screwdriver and screw the knob into the screw. Turn knob to tighten. When installing handles, place the handle on the face of the carton with the holes aligned. Insert the screws from the inside and tighten with a screwdriver. Do not over tighten.