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Dorm Bedside Table For Mini Bedrooms

The dorm bedside table, with two or three drawers, more or less tall or broad. usually matching the rest of the room, is fine when there is enough space in the room. But when the bedrooms are too small, the thing gets complicated, and then they become a real hindrance. We agree that these pieces are essential to leave our things before going to sleep. But when there is no room, there is no room. That is when we must put our decorative imagination to work and find the solution that best suits the space that we have available. Ideas for bedside tables like the ones we propose can serve as inspiration. Wooden coffee tables / folding stool.

Lightweight dorm bedside table. Although in this same space could enter a small table with drawers. What is clear is that it would overwhelm the space much more. Not to recharge the space, in the upper bedroom has chosen a little table with very light legs, even has wheels to be able to move it from side to side. Also the stools and stools are decoration elements very versatile and very economical. By placing a small stool next to the bed toned in color with the other elements, as has been done in this bedroom. And you will give a very delicate look to the bedroom.

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White Dorm Bedside TableSize: 1008 x 792

Tall Dorm Bedside TableSize: 1600 x 1066

Nice Dorm Bedside TableSize: 1280 x 960

New Dorm Bedside TableSize: 1024 x 897

Long Dorm Bedside TableSize: 1280 x 960

Good Dorm Bedside TableSize: 1500 x 1429

Sometimes the gap between the bed and the wall is so small that it is impossible to put a small table. In that case, a good solution is to place a narrow bench attached to the wall. In this you can support everything you need. Original, fun and very economical. In this dorm bedside table is formed by three concrete blocks with many holes, even to have your bedside tables sorted. You can leave them to the natural or to paint with colors related to the decoration of the bedroom.

Dorm bedside table with wooden drawers. Functional, decorative solution and a DIY project, if you put it to it. And since they are drawers anchored in the wall and decorated with colored corners. A bedside table that takes up very little space and is very easy to install. But with enough space to support books, the alarm clock or even small pots. Shelves on the wall. There are times when space is so small that it seems impossible to have a bedside table. A little table maybe not. But a shelf placed in the precise place and at the right height may be the solution. With the shelves anchored to the wall or supported by screwed squares. You can have a light near the bed and enough space to leave a glass of water, the clock, a book, even a magazine rack.