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Exclusive Front Personalized Door Knocker

Personalized door knocker is fixtures attached to the front door of a dwelling, designed to save the knots on people who could be knocking on admission. They consist of two parts, a plate attached to the door and an attached hinged piece, often a loop that can be lifted and rapped against the plate. Door patches can vary in size from the little metal furniture, often built-in lash to see whose outside that’s suitable for occasions; to large, lavish brass screens featuring a lion’s head keep knocking the ring. Does your door need a door hammer? If you already have a doorbell, door pads can be superfluous, but most people want a door hammer for its appearance rather than function so it’s really a matter of taste.

Door patter is typically metal for durability, but it can range from the most common brass luminaries to iron, tin and stainless steel. You really will not be able to tell how your exterior personalized door knocker will sound until it is attached to the door, but consider the composition of your door. If you have a solid wood door, it’s less of a problem. You can find door patter to complement any decor. If your home is a mini-mansion, you can go to the knightly look.  Think heraldically. You can also use door patter to advertise your beliefs or hobbies.

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Do you collect dragons? Do you attend gatherings of the Wizard of Oz or Star Trek enthusiasts? Believe in fairies? You can find door patter, which proclaims your eccentricity to the entire neighborhood. The most appropriate height for a door knocker is 4 to 5 feet from the floor, says door knocker manufacturer Your Door Knocker on his website. The manufacturer adds that an exact height of 4.5 meters from the ground is ideal. The standard front door height is 80 inches, says The House Designers.com. Installing personalized door knocker 4.5 meters above the ground places it about two thirds of the way up the door.

Measure the height using a tape measure to get an exact location for installation. If you have a privacy eye viewer on your door, the door Knocker.com recommends installing a door hammer under the viewer. Place the door hammer 1 to 3 inches below the eye view so that the viewer and door knocks do not appear crowded. Avoid installing a door hammer over a privacy eye viewer because the U-shaped knocker can block the view.