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24 Ornamental Plantation House Plans Change The Home

Are you looking to plant a green tree to add a rust element to your plantation house plans and to make the house more alive? Some plants have feng shui meaning has health benefits such as air purifier, mosquito repellant, UV absorption … that you can refer. Most of these plants need less light and water so they do not take care of them. They also absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen (a reversal of the oxygen synthesis of most plants) so it is suitable for growing in the room. Research has shown that plants have the potential to clean the air by using toxins such as acetone, benzene, formldehyd, trichloroethylen.

Placing the pots in the house helps protect the body from the radiation rays emitted by televisions, phones, microwaves, refrigerators … In feng shui, this flower balances the gas field, absorbs the source of conflict energy, creating a peaceful and harmonious space. Considered as a ‘rich’ tree, it has the effect of treating the precious metal as a good gift for celebrations, celebrations, promotions and launches. Kim money is considered to be the fruit of the treasure. Choose plantation house plans with green, thick body, complete leaf blade, especially blooming plants will bring the most “bud”. It is recommended to place the needle in the east, southeast in the house, meeting room, office, etc.

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Plantation House PlansSize: 855 x 641

Spider wires also have other names such as: Leaf Orchid, Crocodile, Passenger, scientific name is Chlorophytum comosum. English name: Spider plant, because of the way it grows like spider silk. Spider bonsai is a species of plants capable of absorbing very large pollution, can absorb, clean up harmful gases in the house in a short time. So it’s like a natural mini dust filter. It can also convert carcinogenic gases in the air, such as aldehydes, to form sugars and ammonia. Spider-stem can be used as medicine, detoxifying heat, detoxifying lung, inflammation inflammation.

The plants should be placed in dusty places such as windows, balconies, entrances, kitchens. Spider wires are meant to bring hope. Geraniums of various colors are full of charm, flowers are favored by color and aroma is very fragrant. Geraniums are usually planted on balconies or in front of the house. The aroma of geranium helps to enhance the alertness of the brain. This herb is a spice for dishes made from chicken or fish that stimulate digestion and improve the immune system. With a high tolerance to cold and winter blossoms, chamomile is a typical plantation house plans to eradicate gloomy and wintery winter.