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King Size Bookcase Headboard Style

A headboard defines the room behind your bed and creates a focal point for your bedroom. You can create your own headboard in a variety of ways like hanging fabrics, pictures or shutters. Individual bookshelves placed in a pattern on the wall behind your bed create an interesting and useful headquarters. The instructions listed here are to make a king size bookcase headboard.

Find bookshelves that fit your personality and the layout of your bedroom. Then find shelves that are visually striking and it would create an effect like a headquarters. Bookshelves joined together as a bookshelf will also work if you hang them sideways on the wall. And standard bookshelves range from 60 to 84 inches high. Full size beds are 54 inches long; queens are 60; kings are 76 inches. To find the right size bookcase to fit your mattress, turn it on the wall so that the height becomes the width creates a fast and easy king size bookcase headboard.

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Find the center of your mattress and mark the wall directly behind it. Measure at least 3 meters from this center point and place another brand. This tag indicates the bottom of your first bookshelf. Find the rivets on both sides of this measurement and hang the supports to your bookshelf, keeping it centered over your mattress. Place the shelf on the supports and make sure it is level before proceeding. And then measure 3 meters from the center of the first shelf and mark the spot. This brand is for the center of your second bookshelf. Hang the bookshelf in the same way as before, and make sure the ends line up with the first one.

Find the center of the wall that spans the height between the two shelves. Measure 18 inches to the left of the center and mark the spot. Measure 18 inches to the right of the center point and mark the spot. These marks indicate the left and right edges of the remaining two shelves. And then hang the bookshelf to the left by finding the studs, hanging the supports and placing the bookshelf so the right edge of the shelf lines up with the mark on the left of your wall midpoint. Hang the bookshelf on the right, then the left edge lines up with the mark to the right of your center. You have created a headboard for your best king size bookcase headboard arranged in a diamond pattern.