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Installing Attic Gable Vents On Piece

Attic gable vents – Attic vents are an integral part of the management of air circulation in homes with undeveloped attic space. Designed as year round ventilation grills. They work primarily by removing moisture and condensation in the colder months. And also reducing excess heat in the warmer months. Both of these factors can on damages cause the timing of wood and interior roofing materials. There are several different types of ventilation grilles available, often required by housing construction codes. They include intrados, singing, gable and rooftop turbines.

By the way, can you installing attic gable vents on piece? Firstly, choose your attic gable vents. You need a vent for each side of the ceiling. Ventilation ducts can be made of copolymer, wood or metal. While copolymer ventilation channels is more popular. Because become durable and more effective to reduce the temperature. Second, build and put the frame. Now follow the manufacturer’s instructions and form a frame for venting using 2 of 4 wood slabs. The dimension of the frame must meet some criteria. Its horizontal dimension should make it possible to fit tightly between the existing studs.

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On each side it must have at least 1/8 inch clearance for ventilation. Secure the frame to its correct position with screws. Select the corners. Drill holes at the corners using 3/8 inch drill whole with long bit or bit extension. This must be visible from the outside. This will help you find the corners of the vent from the outside of the house. Third, make the opening. Using a chalk connect the holes without straight lines. This defines approximately the outline of the attic gable vents opening. Cut the opening by means of a reciprocating saw with a bimetal blade. Now place drains in the opening. It will not fit exactly in the opening. Staple building paper in the side groove of the opening.

These to fill the gap between the sides of the opening and the outer surface of the vent. Apply a caulk layer to the paper. This serves a seal and withstands soggy moisture in the wall. Fourth, install attic gable vents. Slide a metal cap flashing under the siding and the building paper at the upper side of the opening. Now it’s time to mount the valve finally. It needs some maneuvering to mount it correctly in the opening. Bring the top of the valve flashing under the metal hood. Then push the vent to fit the opening properly. Secure pull-out in position using nail and nuts in nail flange. Take a deep breath. Your attic gable vents is installed.