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This is a very common question that we all ask ourselves when we decide to choose to buy a feather or down comforter that is of good quality. Have you decided that you want to invest in a good comfort and a good rest, and leave aside the cheap feather quilt bedding sets of large shopping malls and the like? With good care, it is not necessary to wash a feather quilt or down more than once a year. It is important that you cover it with a good duvet cover to protect it during use in bed. With good practice, you will only need to wash the Nordic sheath weekly, and the Nordic comforter only once with the change of season. It is best to wash your feather or down duvet when temperatures change.

Summer is coming and we want to change the winter duvet to the summer. You will see that depending on your situation, the size of the duvet or the manufacturer’s instructions, you will need to choose one of these four options. Here we will guide you so that you can choose the form that best suits your needs and personal situation. We will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Before deciding to wash a feather or down quilt bedding sets fabric in the washing machine, read the manufacturer’s specifications carefully. Nowadays, good down duvets are prepared for washing temperatures up to 60 ° C.

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Make sure at what temperature you can wash your Nordic quilt bedding sets. If you do not have it clear or you have doubts choose a program of washing with cold water. Also, a good recommendation would be to verify that the Nordic does not have any loss of filling; whether of feathers or of down. Always use detergents for delicate clothing and never use fabric softener or other more aggressive products (detergents with enzymes, bleach, bleach, etc.) that can ruin the down fill. A good idea is to add to the washing machine the detergent already diluted in a good amount of water. To wash a down comforter or feathers you should always choose a washing cycle that is special for delicate clothes.

It is important that the spin is at low revolutions. Once the washing cycle is completed, it is good to perform one or two extra rinse cycles with the soft spin to ensure that there is no detergent left on the quilt bedding sets ideas. The Nordic comforter can come out with excess water from the washing machine. Before drying it, you can drain it a little in the tub by pressing gently to remove excess water.