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Diy Raised Planter Beds Stand

Build a high bed that stands as a table on your deck, the patio or balcony can quiet hobby in gardening immediately gardeners who cannot have on the ground. By raising the area of ​​planting, handicapped, older and wheelchair-bound gardeners can reach land and plants. Elevated plant bed the stand can be made in less than a day and when it is filled with soil you can plant it from something from blooming plants, fruits and vegetables. Remember, when building a raised planter beds it’s best to use environmentally friendly materials.

Especially when planting vegetables that will be consumed by family members. Cedar is the most friendly because it is naturally rotten resistant. INSTRUCTIONS to build raised planter beds stand: Measure and cut a 2 x 12 inch 12-foot table in four pieces, each 3 feet long. Arrange boards in a square that is 12 inches tall. Screw three evenly distributed screws in each corner to ensure. Measure and cut your 32-inch 2-in-2 table for four 8-inch stakes. Stand an 8-inch game upright inside each corner of the square. Screw two screws through the square frame in each game to hold them in place.

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Vinyl Raised Planter BedsSize: 1200 x 1200

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Raised Planter Beds KitsSize: 1264 x 938

Cut a sheet of 1-inch plywood into a 34-inch square. Hold the plywood horizontally and drop it in the square frame. So that each corner rests on top of the ends of 8-inch stakes. Lay a 2 x 4 inch board across the center of the plywood so the board cut ends the rest against the inside edges of the square frame. Screw two screws through the frame and in 2 of 4 at each end of the board. Hold a 3-foot long post upright and place it on top of the plywood along an inner corner of the frame. Screw two screws through each side of the frame and into the position to secure.

Repeat this step with the remaining three positions. Turn raised planter beds stands. Drill four to six holes in plywood on either side of the 2 x 4-using a drill bit ½-inch or less. Lay the square of landscaping fabric over plywood. Fill the bed with potting mat soil, garden soil, compost or a mixture of materials. TIPS & WARNINGS: Expect to use about 4 to 5 cubic feet of soil to fill the table 6 inches deep. If the plywood bottom seems to be wearing, remove the plants and soil from the bed and plywood to remove it. Replace with a new plywood sheet and landscaping fabric.