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Romantic Breakfast With Bedside Tray

Bedside tray – Single or married? Whatever! Your June 12 can not go blank. An unforgettable, and quite simple, way to celebrate the date at home is with a breakfast in bed and other romantic treats.

Winter is approaching and the chill of the morning is an invitation to stay in bed longer. Enjoy Valentine’s Day and surprise your love in the room with a breakfast served on the bedside tray. Buy flowers, like miniature ones, and prepare pampering and food that flee from bread and butter. They can be cakes and pies. If you do not have time, do something simple, but great effect. With a little artistic talent, fry a heart-shaped egg and place it on a toast. To accompany, fruit juice. And for dessert, nothing more appropriate than the traditional Romeo and Juliet. But this time the guava and white cheese also get contours of little hearts. On the bedside table.

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Instructions to Prepare a Romantic Breakfast with Bedside Tray

Think about what morning you will prepare your romantic breakfast for two. Try to choose a morning in which neither of them has a commitment later and that, therefore, they can dedicate it to each other. Take into account any dietary restrictions of yourself or your partner, such as: if you are a vegetarian or if you are on a low-calorie diet, or simply take into account each person’s preferences for breakfast. Search the Internet or in a cookbook for a recipe that pleases you. Choose one that you know you can cook without problems since an important part of the romantic breakfast is to avoid stressful situations.

Think about how you will prepare the bedside tray for your romantic breakfast, so you will know in advance what your table is missing when you are in the store. The flowers and candles are perfect for a romantic breakfast. Buy the ingredients. Do this task a couple of days in advance, as you probably will not have time to do it on the morning of breakfast.

Have all the ingredients you can prepare from the night before. This includes chopping any fruit or vegetable, preparing the spices and even measuring any liquid that you will need and store it in a separate plastic container. This will save you a lot of time. You should also prepare the romantic table the night before. This will give you much more free time in the morning. In addition, you will feel great when entering a romantic atmosphere first thing in the morning.