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New Attic Access Door Ideas

Attic access door ideas – One of our most recent projects has been reform of an attic in Madrid. House had been abandon for about 15 years so it was in very poor condition. In case of an attic, roof of apartment has a large slope reaching a height of 1.65m in lower part of terrace. At top is a loft. In its original state it had a small bathroom and a minimal kitchen, loft was only 5m2 and was access by a small and uncomfortable spiral staircase. It also had a glass partition dividing rear of house.

Doors are elements that personalize environments, help make them more functional and provide them with style. It is important to know how to choose most appropriate door according to function of room, since it depends on this choice that we can gain a few centimeters, improve thermal or acoustic insulation, or modify layout of house. They may all be different. But they must follow a line and keep common elements so they do not fade when they are all close.

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Most important thing to keep in mind is height for that feeling of uniformity. That is why they are carefully chosen when undertaking a reform or undertake construction of a new home. To help you with this choice, here are details of different types of doors most suitable for each stay. Among general characteristics that you must take into account is standard measure of Attic Access Door Ideas. Between 72 and 82 cm wide and up to 2.12 m high. To be resistant, a thickness of 3.5 cm is recommend, with exception of glass.

After conversations with client, a project is carried out according to their indications and needs. It is decide to put all services, kitchen and bathroom. On same side so that clear wall to living room as much as possible and have an independence towards rest of house. To be able to do this is put access of bathroom through from kitchen. There is a spacious bathroom complete with 4 pieces with integrate washing machine. Kitchen is basically a front with everything you need on one side and cabinets on other side for storage. Mezzanine is extend to put up main room. At bottom is a space for another room or an office. A Japanese Attic Access Door Ideas and ladder is place to take advantage of space as much as possible.