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The World Of Round Bedside Table

Round bedside table – Wooden, plastic or metal, round bedside tables are practical. They also cozy furnishing accessories to keep everything you need. Bedside tables are small details that can in one moment give you a completely new look to your bedroom. A single bedside table, located next to your baby’s bed, will serve as a base for a colorful plastic cup full of fresh water and a small light. Also perfect for those who are still afraid of the dark. This bedside table style for a double bed, instead, combine two matching nightstands. Or choose two from different designs if you’re looking for a more original result. Those who love new and essential shapes and want a bedroom that can surprise you in one glance must be tempted by modern, round, practical and linear nightstands.

Round Bedside table is The Perfect Circle. Inside Le Vite, a masterpiece by Giorgio Vasari of the sixteenth century, a famous anecdote is collected about the life of the painter Giotto. At the Pope’s envoy who asked him for a practical demonstration of his artistic ability, Giotto replied by simply drawing a circle: essential but absolutely perfect. In this way, the great Florentine painter wanted to demonstrate that he had also managed to create a geometric form of absolute perfection, even without the free, fully technical means: only a simple sign recognizes the hand of a great master.

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Tall Round Bedside TableSize: 1000 x 1000

Bring the perfection of the circle even in your room. Thanks to original round bedside table, perfect for every need. The practicality of these furnishing complements and the peculiar beauty of their geometric shapes will in the moment give an atmosphere of essentiality and glamour throughout the room. The round bedside tables are perfect for any furnishing because they can made of a variety of materials. Include feminine wood veneered or robust wrought iron from the round glass shelf. Leather, eco-leather, rattan, metal and plastic. The round bedside tables are perfect for any material. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create in your sleeping area.

A round, white leather eco – leather bedside table, enriched with three graceful curved strips. Adapts to the most chic contemporary inspiration. Round corners in mahogany wood give a relaxed atmosphere to the entire room. Thanks to soft lines inspired by natural elements. Instead, choose the round bedside tables with lively enameled surfaces to make your little children’s room cheerful. Put yourself on a nice, spirited abat-jour. And a small plush that keeps your baby in the company: you’ll surely be happy. One last idea, why not play and match your round bedside table to a bed in turn circulate? The surprise effect will pleasantly surprise all your guests.