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Types Of Fireplace Mantel Shelves

Once you’ve decided you would like a new fireplace mantel shelves, the hardest part is deciding if you want a stone, metal, or wood fireplace mantel shelves. Sometimes aesthetics are the most important issue to consider, sometimes you have to think about your budget as well, and every once in a while you have to take installation into consideration.

It is very easy to add a granite, marble, or slate facing to your fireplace. A contractor can help you do this easily or you can purchase a facing kit online. If you want a shelf in addition to a face surrounding your fireplace, you should opt for wood, tempered glass, or even synthetic shelves. Fireplace mantel shelves to be very heavy and may do damage to your wall if installed improperly. When you use stone only on the face of your fireplace, the stone is cut very thin and you increase the area of your wall that supports the stone, putting less strain on your wall. If you have a contractor or have found a company that will design and install a custom fireplace mantel for you, then the sky’s the limit. However, if you do have a budget to consider, you may want to look at more traditional options or invest in a synthetic shelf that looks like the stone of your choice.

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You have lots of choices if you are interested in a wood fireplace mantel shelves. Solid wood mantels are the best quality and have a tendency to age well. MDF, or have a wood veneer on them. Both are usually made to mimic solid wood. They can be very attractive and are usually very durable as well. Most engineered wood mantels don’t have a grain to them so they can be altered without damage to the mantel. Veneers are inexpensive when they are laid over less expensive materials, but when they are used to display a stunning grain pattern they can get pricey, so don’t assume that just because a mantel has veneer on it that it is cheap.

You usually see wrought iron, copper and/or bronze outdoor fire pits, but a fireplace mantel shelves can be a very attractive way to enhance your living area as well. There are also very modern-looking all metal fireplaces that burn ethanol fuel and do not need chimneys. If you love the look of a more old-fashioned fireplace and still have your heart set on metal, a freestanding fireplace may be a good option for you. If you decide to put a metal face on your fireplace or would like a metal shelf, remember that metal conducts heat and make sure to take precautions to insulate your fireplace mantel from the fire it surrounds.