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Rustic Pine Furniture Ideas

If you own furniture of rustic pine furniture, you want to keep it in the best condition possible. That pine forests are threatened and that there is concern about a fair treatment of workers who harvest it means that it may be much harder to get these furniture in the future. This is another reason to learn the proper care and treatment of pine.


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Keeps the furniture away from areas experiencing large fluctuations in temperature? Rustic pine furniture tends to split or shed in these conditions. Heat radiation sources can have the same effect on the furniture. Keep the pine in direct sunlight, as this may cause bleaching of the wood. Avoid using silicone products on the furniture. These products can strip the protective stain from numbers. Apply a furniture wax regularly instead. Treat scratches in pine by first cleaning the area with a soft damp cloth. Sand scratch gently with fine sandpaper to level out scratch, and clean the area again. Apply furniture wax and polish to a shine.

Clean again, to wax and polish make it look like new again. Unfinished fur furniture is a cost effective way to buy solid pine furniture. You can buy bed frames, chest of drawers, tables and other solid rustic pine furniture for the bedroom, dining room and living room. Pine, like a soft wood, will suck the spot quickly and can leave stain when dry. In order to properly color unfinished pine furniture, you must pass the first with a pre-stained wooden conditioner. Pre-stained wood balm and bets are available in oil or water-based forms.

When you get your unfinished rustic pine furniture home and ready to color it, remove boxes and remove any hardware (hinges, handles, knobs). Place furniture and stand the boxes on the newspaper or paint the cloth. Gently slip using fine sandpaper (# 220). Dust or vacuum outside furniture. Collect your pre-stained wood conditioner (like Min-Wax Water-Based Pre-Stain), brushes and rags. Follow the instructions on the pre-stained wooden conditioner, which should tell you to touch the contents and then use for furniture with a brush or a clean cloth.

Allow the pre-stain to soak for five minutes and then wipe the excess. Allow an additional 30 minutes to dry. Carefully slip again; dust or vacuum clean, and you are ready to apply bets. Follow the instructions on the stain container, which should tell you to touch the contents. In the direction of the wood fibers, apply the stain with a brush or cloth, wait a few minutes and then wipe away the excess.