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Time To Change Rustic Platform Bed

A rustic platform bed is one of the best investments for the New Year and beyond. It offers you affordability, great style, excellent comfort and support. It is, in short, the ideal bed for many. However, many people have yet to take advantage of all that this type of frame can offer to them. This is mainly because this type of bed is relatively new to the industry, when compared with traditional metal framed bed styles. However, it may be a great time to change and give yourself something more. The first question people often ask about rustic platform bed is in regards to what makes them new or interesting. What makes them different from the traditional options out there? Look at a few of the great features of this style of modern bedroom furniture.

Modern rustic platform bed feature a solid or plant style base to them rather than the metal frame of most traditional style bedroom sets. This wooden base is the support for the mattress that is placed on top of it. There is no box spring with these beds. You do not have to have both a mattress and a box spring when you set up and use this type of bedroom set. Rather, the single mattress will sit on top of the actual support structure of the bed. Because of the lack of box spring, you can save money when purchasing these. Of course, you can find discount rustic platform beds available, but the fact that you do not have to invest in a box spring will save you some money as well. More so, you can upgrade to a better quality mattress since you can spend less.

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Rustic Platform Bed SetSize: 1000 x 685

Large Rustic Platform BedSize: 1200 x 1200

You can get more storage with modern rustic platform bed frame. Because of the style of this bed frame, there is more elevation off the floor compared to a traditional style frame. The benefit here is that you can add drawers or just leave the open space to accommodate more storage in the space. It can be very easy to do this with rustic platform bed and a set of drawers designed to fit underneath. More so, these beds are fantastic when it comes to style and elegance. They are nothing new since there are oriental platform beds that have been in use for many years. However, the modern styles are sleek, sexy and add a level of style to any space.