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Innovative Automatic Attic Stairs

Automatic attic stairs – Decorating a small floor is always difficult, but imagine what can add of difficulty the fact that this addition is attic. These roofs, although very decorative, create even greater problems when it comes to distributing and choosing furniture. However, and as these images of a small attic and attic show, decorating one of these floors to create a comfortable space is not impossible if we choose, especially, the distribution of furniture and rooms. Generally speaking this inspiring penthouse consists of two floors, a duplex penthouse, both with sloping ceilings. In the ground floor we find the common areas: living room, kitchen and dining room. In the upper floor, where due to the roof structure the space is still scarce, we find the bedroom with bathroom en suite.

On the ground floor we also find a small terrace with automatic attic stairs, certainly one of my favorite parts of this attic. It connects with the dining kitchen, through a large glass door. What I particularly like about it am that it has been used to create the structure of the building. That is to say, it is not a terrace on the facade, but is create by taking advantage of the triangular shape of the attic. Thanks to that they also create a kind of window on the side. It is enhances the lighting of the room and also visually communicates the interior with the exterior. Here you have a detail of that window

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As for the color of the terrace is in line with the facade. Then in red, and not with the interior, in which the blues and whites dominate. Curiously, the contrast creates this warm-cold mixture in the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen and leaving the exterior to the side, is, as I said before, on the first floor. In this there are no divisions; it has L shape, on one side the living room, where the main entrance is. And then a wide hallway and in the background, the kitchen.

The whole first floor is decorate in white and blue. Then with white being the primordial color and blue provided by small textile pieces. Also in all of it we see wooden floors in light colors which give it warmth. To the upper floor, where the space is even smaller is access by the automatic attic stairs that is in the hallway. There is a small bedroom and a bathroom en suite. In both, very few pieces, to take advantage of the space to the maximum. The few pieces that have been place on the walls, such as the staircase or mirror.