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Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture

The sheesham wood furniture offers natural resistance to cutting and sewing and this property has made it and excellent choice for intricate designs and cravings. The wood also takes good polish and can finish to a smooth surface. The thing to remember is that sheesham wood furniture looks outstanding only when it has been properly polished. The wood has a distinct grain and a unique coloring that’s very different from any other tree from which wood for making furniture is sourced. That’s also a reason as to why sheesham is more expensive than its peers. But regardless of the price, it’s timeless elegance and makes a worthy buy for the home. It passes through several prepping stages before it’s converted to the final piece of furniture. The wood is resistant to almost all types of damages.

Best sheesham wood furniture has a strikingly deep chestnut color and that’s want makes the wood beautiful. The close grain structure gives a smooth a smooth finish. The individual markings on the tree will be visible on the furniture items as well and that would result in the sheesham wooden furniture having a singular identity. This, in turn, adds to the aesthetic charm of the furniture. Because of its capability to hold polish well, the luster is emanated from the finished furniture. Sheesham has thus retained its position as the number one choice for making furniture among the craftsmen from Rajasthan.

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Sheesham Wood FurnitureSize: 1000 x 877

Ahead of buying sheesham wood furniture design, you have to check the authenticity of the wood. As already said, sheesham wooden furniture is somewhat more expensive when compared to softwood. The prices, however, are entirely justified because the wood lasts a lifetime and it’s not uncommon to see that sheesham wooden furniture like cabinets and beds being passed down through generations. The wood can have a vintage rustic look and they look perfectly in sync with a traditional styled home. That does not mean that such furniture isn’t suitable for homes that a more modern or conventional decor. In the latter case, a striking contrast that’s forged by sheesham furniture is what makes the room attractive.