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Installing Skylight Dome

Skylight dome emits up to 35 percent more light than a vertical window. There are a lot of small things to consider before buying your skylight example if you want a large skylight or several small skylights. Also consider whether you want something that enables clear viewing, which is the most expensive skylight, or something cheaper, like a plastic skylight. Ceiling windows, while easy to install, can still be a challenge for a do-it-yourself.


Climb for the steps with skylight, drill, and a pen. Place the skylight dome in the roof where you want the skylight to go and track a marker. Drill a hole in the middle of the contours to use as a locator hole when on the outside. Place a thread hanger through the hole and climb down the ladder. Carry the steps, skylight, marker, drill and a circle saw with you outside. Climb up the ladder and find the locator hole. Slide thread hanger back through the hole, using a pliers. Trace the skylight on the roof, using a marker. Cut out the outlines you made using Circular Saw.

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Strengthen the skylight dome s support system by installing the heading rules the opposite roof rails – for example, if the roof’s rules are horizontal, install the opposite by walking vertically. Cut out and hit the ceiling so that the light will flow through as desired if you have a roof that does not comply with the roof’s angle.

Skylight installation

Measure 3 inches away from the roof window on all sides, using a tape measure and pop a chalk line. Cut off shingles, use chalk lines as you have done and a matt knife. Place the skylight dome in the hole, be sure to center it, and fasten with some roof screws and a drill. Cut a few roofing paper strips 8 inches wide with your user knife and slide them under shingles on all sides, beginning at the bottom. Pin up nails and shingles use the flat cutter needle if necessary to help install the paper.

Install a single piece of the base flashing so that it sweeps some of the road around the bottom of the skylight and make sure it is on top and shiny against the roof shingles. Drive a few blinking nails in the sides of the skylights horizontally, using a hammer. Slide a few pieces of the step flashing below the shingles beginning at the bottom and work to the top. Check all blinking pieces to make sure they overlap at least 4 inches on all sides. Slide a fixed flashing sleeve under the bottom of the skylights and under the roofing using the bottom of the flashing. Slide into the shell of the fast blinking; work all the way around until you have completed the flashing installation with the head flashing attached to the top of the skylights and under the roof.