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Great Ideas For Sliding Attic Stairs

Sliding attic stairs – The attic room has the advantage of giving you great privacy, great quiet. However, with hot weather like in our country, you should also consider carefully before deciding. Attic is the top of the house so it will not be suitable for objects such as children, elderly people to climb several floors. However, it is extremely suitable for young people because of the privacy that it brings. The next step is to determine how much work, cost, and renovator it takes to convert your attic into a bedroom.

For older houses, the heating, ventilation and air will be able to transfer to the sliding attic stairs room and the plumbing pipes. Before you start, ask the advice of architect’s office. Or the people have the expertise to be support in cost estimates. The cost of renovation can be quite high. As the loft at the top floor of the house, options for natural light should be prioritize. The unique feature of this type of bedroom compared to the usual bedroom is that the window can be on the ceiling instead of on the wall. Try to make the most out of sunlight. Even solar power can be used to bring light into the overall bedroom in the attic.

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No matter how small your sliding attic stairs is, it is never too small for a store of clothing and accessories. In order to create a sense of space, you can actually use lighting and mirrors.  Use colors on the walls to emphasize your architectural space. For smaller lofts, use light colors. The ceiling of the attic is usually lined with natural wood to resist the weather. Combine with decorative lights to bring the perfect beauty to the room.

A private room in the attic, why not? It will be a corner of your own, quiet and peaceful. At the top of the house, you can look at the world below. No need to be too fussy, just a bed and essential furniture, that’s enough. The attic is a space that seems to be separate from the house. This will be a quiet place for reading. So why do not you try turning it into a mini library. Add a window you can see the world outside. Or just watch the rain just sip a cup of coffee and a book. What’s even better? We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!