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Marble Bedside Table Style

Marble bedside table – Imagination and creativity are two great weapons when it comes to decorating our home. And sometimes, it’s much easier than it seems to give a new air, much more decorative, to some bland parts we have at home. Like this bedside table with marble effect. A DIY project that gets a total change. Marble bedside table with marble effect front opening. It is clear that with this work we will not get the real beauty of this majestic natural stone. Pretending to imitate her beauty with such a simple technique would be a bit pretentious on our part. But we are going to improve the appearance of a bedside table with marble effect that, on the other hand, was quite anodyne.

Bedside table with marble effect horizontal opening. It is about tune a bedside table to give it a very different and better look. In this case IKEA table has been used although it goes without saying that you can use any other furniture you have at home. The thing is to recycle to improve. The bedside table, white, was quite simple. What has been done has been to give the board another look with a marble effect adhesive paper. That and change the handle for a bronze, much more decorative. After work, the marble bedside table looks like another.

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Marble bedside table with marble effect arterials. In addition, you will need a sheet of adhesive paper to reproduce the marble veins. Nowadays there are multitudes of vinyl papers that imitate any type of material. You just have to look for a little until you find the one you like. Also look for a bronze handle and a sheet of painted paper (choose both to your liking).

A quick and effective solution, marble bedside table with marble effect measures. We begin with the work of tuning a bedside table with marble effect. It’s so quick and easy to do that you’ll get it done in a little while. It will be easier if you have the bedside table removed, but you can also do it with the piece of furniture assembled. Start by passing a rag to the bedside table to remove dust and any particles that can later ruin the result. Then take the measurements of the board, including the edges, and transfer them to the marble effect adhesive paper leaving a margin of about 4 or 5 centimeters. Draw the lines with the pencil and carefully trim the marbled paper.